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Get Wise and Synchronize!

  Want to learn how to shave weeks off knowledge work—with valuable learning as an added return on your investment? The first order of business is...
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Lean Your Invoicing for a Quick Win

Congratulations! Your organization did the thing you set out to do. Whether that thing was a product or a service, you marketed it, made...
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10 Great Summer Reads from LeanBP

July and December are slow months for training, so that’s when I take the time to dive deeper into my course materials and take...
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Are You Marching to the Beat of the Wrong Drum?

  In the business office, we often tend to think of the deliverables we produce in terms of a rate. For example, we might have...
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Cut the Noise and Tame the Common Cause (Part Two of Two)

In my last post, I laid out the difference between special cause and common cause variation. Why is it important to know the difference? Because...
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Variation in Your Processes—A Game of Chance (Part One of Two)

As most of you know, variation is a very big deal in manufacturing, because even the smallest change in production processes can have big...
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Optimizing Without Balance—A Vicious Cycle

It’s counterintuitive to think that maximizing your job or your department’s throughput can have a detrimental effect on your company. But that’s exactly the...
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Putting 5S to Work in the Business Office

If you read this blog regularly, you’re aware that the same lean tools that make manufacturing more efficient can work wonders in the business...

Where’s the Value in Your Business Processes?

Teaching Lean Applied to Business Processes is never dull. But once the conversation turns to finding value in the steps of a business process,...
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LABP’s Biggest Gift Is Time

How are you coming along with your end-of-year initiatives? Are you realizing noticeable gains, or are you getting bogged down with too much work...